Focused vs. Comprehensive Assessment

Discussion post for this week, please take the following descriiptive information and place it with the appropriate categories listed. Based on the descriiptive information would this be a focused or comprehensive assessment and if focused what system or systems would you want to assess and why?
DescriiptionsPresents with c/o headachePain is a ‘4’ on a scale of 1-10Scoliosis corrected with Charleston brace, broken toeNo cold/sinus symptomsEye exam 2 years agoNo medications, NKDANo hospitalizationsNo tobacco use, wine once monthly, no recreational drug useSingle, lives aloneTraveled to UK, Caribbean in past 3 monthsThrobbing for past 2 hours, can feel pulse in templeSports-induced asthmaNo fever, no changes in visionCategoriesChief ComplaintHistory of Present IllnessPast Medical HistoryPersonal and Social HistoryReview of Symptoms