follow the instruction and answer the queastions.

Watch the Greta Thunberg video below. Listen to it carefully.
For this CP Task, I want you to focus on the language that Thunberg uses to deliver her message. Try to identify how she is using pathos as a method of persuasion.
In your posting, respond to the following questions:
1. What are some key phrases or words that Thunberg uses to appeal to her audience? Are there any important words that have a positive or negative connotation?
2. What emotions or attitudes are these words or phrases appealing to?
3. Pay close to attention to her use of pronouns (I, we, you, she, they, etc.). In what ways do you think her use of these pronouns strengthen or detract from her argument?
4. Do you feel Thunberg is effective at using pathos in her speech? Why or why not?

please do not copy anthing from the internet thank you!!