Food and Suface Contamination and “5 second rule” Lab Report

-In this experiment i used banana on the elevator floor for the 5 second rule (Plates 2 and 3) and the falculty microwave button and microwave handle (plates 4 and 5) for surface. -Plate one is the banana that was not dropped or placed on any surface -Please use the chart (Table 1) that i sent you in handout -The other table has other classmates food that they used to experiment. You can talk about their results a little. -The first column of the chart is my result for the banana and suface. You don`t need to look at that chart for mine. You can use table 1. table from the other handout that states everything. -This lab report will be short, so please use section c. Questions to answer all the questions. Also, talk a=more about why colonies showed up on the plate for each plate. Your opinion about the lab and what you learned from the lab. Explain a lot. Write it in a scientific way. -If you want to use any notes, use the handout that explains everything about the lab