Formative assignment

The formative assignment
should include 500 word outline including the following:

1. A brief introduction of the
epidemiology and aetiology of the chronic condition.

2. A presentation of
one common symptom relevant to the chronic condition and scenario 3. Evaluate one advantage and one disadvantage of a relevant assessment
tool related to the condition and/or symptom. 

4.  A brief conclusion summarising the key points

5. References (maximum of 3) (not included in word count).

Diabetes Workbook: Assessment & Diagnosis



 Madam Kwok is a 60 year old female who lives with her husband in
Singapore. They have both retired and have two children who live nearby. Madam
Kwok as part of the national screening programme in Singapore is attending her
appointment tomorrow. She has recently been feeling lethargic and passing urine
more frequently overnight and has been complaining to her husband that she is
always thirsty. On consultation within the community practice, they commence by
taking a patient history.


Madam Kwok DOB is 28/10/57, address is 1 Gullache Crescent,
Singapore. Her previous past medical history is hypertension and angina. Madam
Kwok does not smoke or drink any alcohol. Her mobility is poor and she hasn’t
been mobilising as much over the last couple of months. Madam Kwok takes GTN
spray for her angina and also Ramipril for high blood pressure. She has never
been admitted to hospital. Madam Kwok has been experiencing some pain in her
right foot over the past couple of months but has not been taking any
painkillers for it. She has no known drug allergies.


At the clinic Mrs Kwok’s observations are Respirations 18/min,
Heart rate 80/min, strong and regular, Blood pressure 180/70mmhg and
Temperature 36.0. Blood glucose 15.2mmol/l. She is alert and orientated.