Funding Proposal

Choose a issue from the attached document
See attachment for example

Here are my notes, let me know if you have any other questions: 
You will need to create a program  for one of the issues attached on the document

Example -it can be a drop-in for sex trade workers however it cant be the same as the example provided. You also need to include data that would be relevant to your program/group. For example, how many women use drugs in Ottawa, how many sex trade users are in Ottawa, do we know these numbers? If not, why? What part of the city do you plan to host the program? 
Also think about research that demonstrates the benefit of organizing a group like this, ie. access to safe drug supplies, access to food (if no other drop-in centre exists in the community), accessing services where no other service providers are present, etc. 
For the section on funders you need to follow the information requested in the assignment, the answers should be very specific. 
You do not need to include the other sections projected gains, strategies budget, etc 
Grammar/spelling needs to be clear and concise, it needs to be easy to read and your message needs to be very clear. 

When doing research look within the Ottawa, Ontario area unless stated otherwise on the issue you choose

Rubric Attached

Proper APA formation, 12 point font, title page 
Table of Contents 
Bibliography (resources used as in text citations)
Overall clarity of the proposal clear, accurate and detailed 
2 4 pages