In this assignment you will peruse the website for events occurring from about the year 2040 to roughly the start of the 24th century (2300 AD). By choosing this distant timeframe we place ourselves into a time when all of us are either old or, well, just not around anymore. Yet this is the world we will pass along to our children and grandchildren and we would all agree that that is important!  Please choose one topic that is of interest to you to focus on and read the entry thoroughly. Make sure it is one subject and not a summary over time. Next use this entry to type up answers to the following thought questions in an essay, and upload as a word document onto Sakai under assignments:
1. Please summarize your future timeline event and explain why it is significant. What key innovations does this event depend on? Why were you interested in this particular entry?2. Is this something that we want to happen or not? What will be the effects on society, in the authors and your opinion?3. What sustainability challenges need to be solved in order for this event to happen (or not if it is bad)? Detail challenges from the standpoint of such things as population, food, air, water, biodiversity/ conservation, resource availability, energy, etc.4. In your opinion, how does thinking about this in the far future timeline help you to decide what things we should do now? Is thinking this way typically done and why or why not?