gender and work life

For your final, you will submit and present a PowerPoint presentation. You will provide a five (max) minute presentation of your PowerPoint during class time. Follow the steps below to complete this assignment:
1. Positionality. How is your background related to the occupational filed you chose to research and present?
2. Choose an occupation field to research. You can use your own occupation field or choose a different one that you are interested in learning more about.
3. Once you have chosen the occupation field, find a minimum of 5 academic/peer reviewed articles that talk about how things like gender, gender identity, gender expression, disability/different-ability, race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, nationality, legal status, language, education, socioeconomic status, etc. impacts employees/potential employees within this field. Use these articles to identify how these areas impact employee satisfaction, employment rates, mental health, social stereotypes, wage differences, employer attitudes/biases, etc. Include any important information highlighted in these articles.
4. Ask yourself: how does the information you found impact vocational development? In other words, talk about how YOU believe the information you found has an effect on how people are encouraged from birth to choose a certain occupation. You can include your own vocational development or the vocational development of someone you know in order to support your ideas. Dedicate at least 1 slide to answer this question.
5. Organize all of your information on slides. Feel free to include any graphics, special effects, or videos (under five minutes) that you see fit or feel would complement your presentation. Not including your title slide and your references slide, your presentation should be a maximum of 5 slides. Include enough information in each one of your slides so that your presentation can stand alone without needing to be presented by you.
PLEASE KNOW THAT DISSERTATIONS, BLOGS, NEWS ARTICLES, ETC. IS NOT PERMISSIBLE FOR THIS ANNOTATED BIBLIOGRAPHY. Should your midterm presentation include inappropriate article sources, your midterm will not be accepted.
I encourage everyone to search for academic articles on John Jay’s online library page.
While this is not a traditional APA assignment, do your best to adhere to APA 7th-edition standards. Make sure you are including citations on each slide in order to cite the article(s) you are using in that particular slide. You must have a references slide at the end of your presentation. This slide must have your citations listed in APA format. 
 Lastly you can add a video of a police officer talking about gender roles if you like 

Only peer reviewed articles