genetics in the news

Select a news story of interest to you that describes a recent research development from a crediblesource such as a major newspaper, magazine, website, TED Talk, etc. The research should be recent, published in the past year (2021). Please choose a topic that hasn’t explicitly and entirely been covered in class yet this semester. Of course, many topics are broad and inter-related, and it is fine to delve deeper into an existing topic or relate to something covered, but make sure you are not re-hashing material we covered in class. You are teaching us something new.
Please include a minimum of one citations: 1. the news article that you read 
Please write approximately 400 – 500 of words on the news item that include:

a brief description/summary of the discovery
how it advances our understanding of the field of genetics/genomics (what do we know now that we didn’t know before?)
identify any gaps in the research or knowledge (what questions or steps did the research NOT address – what do we still NOT know about the area)
finally, importantly, how this discovery may affect you as a nurse or the practice of nursing.