Geography of China, Sustainable Agriculture

Research assignment topic 4 – Sustainable Agriculture
I. Search for relevant information, facts, and statistics from all possible sources
including lectures, videos, newspapers, journal articles, book chapters,
websites, etc. to answer following questions:
1. What is sustainable agriculture?
2. What are the main causes for soil and water pollution in the world?
3. Do farmers in the U.S. overuse chemical fertilizers that cause water and
soil pollution? Where?
4. What are the possible solutions to minimize pollution from farmland?
II. Study and identify a minimum of 10 entries (or information sources) that
address above questions the most and write down the source information
following the bibliography format descripted in bullet VI below.
III. Write down the article’s title
IV. In your own words, state and describe the substance or the main points of
each article in 3-4 complete sentences. Be specific and factual. A generic
statement/description doesn’t count. You don’t need to answer above 4
questions directly in your assignment. You only need to list each of the 10
entries of the relevant information with a 3-4 sentence description on its
substances for each.
V. Submit the list of articles studied by November 19th to avoid the 20% late
VI. Bibliography format requirements:
For article (APA format): Author’s name, article’s title, journal’s title, and
the year when the article is published if available
For lecture: Lecture title and page number
For video: title of the videos, location or website where you get the video
from if it is not from Stockton.
For website: Specific address (URL) of the website where you cite your facts
(e.g. is a good citation, but would not be a good citation because this
general website doesn’t show the relevant information at the page)