Giddins, Gary, Satchmo: The Genius of Louis Armstrong, Da Capo Press

1.     Final Paper Guidelines 8-10 pages analyze the book–DON’T RETELL THE STORY!1. Read the book and take notes on key information that you can use to expand upon. Concentrate on the main character and their connections to a life in jazz. Include musical, social, cultural, racial, socio-economic and gender issues that are raised in the text. In addition, did your main character live a life that would be relevant to the Black Lives Matter Movement of today?2. Paper structure: Introductory paragraphs that briefly describe the book and the artists life. Body: Develop the paper by using examples from the text. Link the main character’s life to your research on that specific era of jazz. How does the context of that era connect to the life and career of the book’s subject? Provide outside research on the genre and time period of the artist- such as New Orleans jazz, Swing, Bop, Cool, Fusion, etc., as well as research into social, socio economic, gender, cultural, musical and racial issues that are important. Conclusion: Conclude with what you learned from the book and what it can teach us about how this artist influenced American culture.3. Proofread your work, never hand in a rough draft.4. Cite your references, illuminate your points, use outside sources for research, (at least 3) in addition to your jazz memoir book!