Prompt: When does incumbency help or hurt parties / candidates?

Choose one party in an advanced democracy other than the U.S. that was an incumbent governing party – whether by itself or in a coalition – facing re-election in an election in or after 2016, or an incumbent candidate who was up for re-election in or after 2016. 

Explain how incumbency helped or hurt – or perhaps both – this party / candidate. You’re welcome to also use news stories about polling data, how the incumbent was portrayed during the campaign, etc.

At the end of your response, include links to the news stories you used as sources; full citations aren’t needed. The news sources should be appropriate for scholarly work and the stories should be hard news, not opinion pieces.

The 2 files attached must be used as references besides other sources that will be included. 

Answer is in your own words / do not rely on quotes from the readings

Examples of Advanced democracies : Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Japan, South Korea, and countries in Western Europe (including Iceland, Finland, etc., but not including any of the former Soviet Bloc countries like Poland or the Czech Republic).