Group Assignment 1: Group Analysis Profile

For the duration of the course, you will be placed in groups of at least 5 class members. The goal of your group is to identify, observe, describe, and analyze a “real” group. The “real” group you select needs to be amenable to being profiled (for Assignment 1), observed at least once in a meeting (for Assignment 2), and analyzed (for Assignment 3). Please work together and find a group for which you can complete all of these assignments. The group can be one for which you are a member. Once you locate the group and it agrees to be used for these assignments, proceed to complete the steps for Assignment 1. The details are below.

Group Assignment 1: Group Analysis Profile (5 points)
Step 1: You have picked a group to use for this class. In writing, the group lead has confirmed agreement.
Step 2: You need to collect as much information about the group. Some of the information may be found online, other may be retrieved from individual members of the group, and other information you can deduce based on your discussion in preparation for this assignment.
Step 3: In no more than 3 single-spaced pages, please provide the following information: 

Group name
Website (if the group has one)
# of members
How often do they meet?
Purpose (type of group)
Mission of the group (why does this group exist?)
How do the members communicate with each other?
What are some of the formal group roles? (By position)
What are some of the group’s rules?
Why is this a group? Use the ppt slide “Characteristics of a Group” to justify your answer. This part of the assignment requires explanation. 
Why did you pick this group?

You may keep the format of your response in bullets. While the first 5-6 bullets consist of information that can be listed, the remaining bullets should entail complete sentences that clearly and concisely provide the relevant information. Please cite if you are drawing from content that already exists and list the citation at the end of the assignment. Contact me if you have questions!