Guided Research Essay

When you make a case in writing, you are arguing for a position by advancing reasons and evidence in defense of it (Channell and Crusius 231). An argument is a reasoned defense of an opinion (Channell and Crusius 231). Sometimes, your argument can start with an opinion; however, you need to go further and add reasons to support your opinion to make a successful claim.
Your case should include the following:

a discernible claim, or thesis (usually if you are for or against something);
one or more reasons to explain or justify the claim; and appropriate and relevant evidence to support each reason.

Be sure to consider your purpose and audience. The topic you choose will come from an issue of CQ Researcher; this database can be accessed through Odessa Colleges librarys website. We will browse and become acquainted with CQ Researcher, and you will develop an argument and case from one of the CQ Researcher reports. Generally, it is best to choose a topic about which you are passionate or have at least semi-strong feelings. You should have no problem finding a topic on CQ Researcher.
Since you should use evidence to back up your reasons, you will use quotes from the CQ Researcher article as support. All quoted and paraphrased material should be cited correctly; we will learn how to do this in class. As per the course policy, plagiarism is not tolerated. Be sure to use your sources responsibly.
Banned Topics: Abortion, gun control, steroids, marijuana legalization, euthanasia (physician-assisted suicide or PAS), gay marriage, capital punishment (death penalty), bullying
**If you write about a banned topic, I will make you redo the paper. No exceptions.**
4-5 pages; MLA format (12-point Times New Roman, double-spaced, etc.)