Jessica had been working at the community hospital longer than Danielle, the two had been friends and professional work colleagues on the same unit for many years. Both have completed master’s degrees and are considered leaders on their unit. Unexpectedly, the nurse manager of the unit submitted her resignation. The position was advertised and there were many applications for the position. Both Jessica and Danielle applied; and, out of numerous applicants, Danielle was hired for the position. Jessica was clearly upset when she was not selected. She felt that she was more qualified for the position. She became distant and cold, and Danielle knew that Jessica was complaining about her and making comments to others. Tensions arose when Danielle decided to introduce a new policy, which made little sense to the rest of the nurses and is likely to increase their already heavy workload. When presented with the policy at the staff meeting, Jessica angrily voiced her opposition to the policy and pointed out all the flaws, obstacles, and potential problems. Other members of the staff began to side with Jessica.

1.What are the dimensions of power and conflict evident in this case study?
2.How is it possible to turn the situation around?
3.How can a win-win situation be created?
4.What power and conflict resolution strategies might be helpful?
5.Which communication techniques would be most constructive?
6.What are the disagreements, interference, and negative emotions involved in this situation?

Respond in no less than 750 words. Utilize the APA format