Health Care

Hello, This essay is going to be about health care and there are about 8 questions that need to be answered. It’s required that you cite the articles and films I link who don’t necessarily have to use them all but as you see fit to answer the questions. There are a couple of videos that are about 50 minutes long so I apologize in advance. I will link those separately. Last thing I don’t really care if you are a democrat or republican just don’t be biased. 

1. What was health care like in America BEFORE the ACA? Discuss the role of private insurance. Give specific examples from the films and the articles (cite). discuss and cite examples from “Sick Around America” and at least two articles. 

2. Why has the “middle class” increasingly fallen behind during the past 40 years? Give examples from the films and at least three article. Discuss and cite the Warren film (cite). 

3. How has this (the answers to the above two questions) impacted families? Discuss the loss of both health care and income security. Cite at least four articles and films. 

4. Why was there a need for health care reform? Back up tour answer with citations from all of the films and at least three articles (this is a major part of the essay). 

5. Compare the U.S. healthcare system before the ACA, to that of other countries (access to care, costs, how many people covered, quality of care, issues, etc.). Cite specific examples from “Sick Around the World” and from at least three articles (for example one of the articles written by Kimberley Amadeo). 

6. How did the ACA change health care in the U.S.? Discuss and cite articles to back up your discussion. 

7. How would U.S. Health care change under each of the following plans? How would people be affected? Cite from the Term Paper Articles and Films list when answering each question (scroll to the bottom of the list). 
A. President Trump and national Republicans want to repeal the ACA (return to a less regulated private market);
 B. Moderate Democrats (including Biden) want to reform the ACA (add regulations and a “public option” which is a public government insurance plan that competes with existing private insurance plans ); and… 
C. Progressive Democrats want to replace the ACA with “Medicare for All” (everyone would be covered by our current “single payer” Medicare plan for retired Americans). 

8. The current Coronavirus Pandemic has revealed a number of serious problems with the U.S. healthcare system, both at the national level and involving individual health care coverage by private employers and the self-employed (how most Americans are covered) . Please discuss these problems. How has the national response been hindered? Are the uninsured and under-insured a factor in this crisis? Several problems are involved here. Cite examples from the articles and films covering the Covid 19 Pandemic in the Health Care Articles and Films list while answering this question. (NOTE: millions of Americans who lost their jobs, also lost their health insurance, and not all who had insurance were fully covered during this Pandemic).