Health Disparities

Step 1: Identify a Health Problem (Instructions and Rubric)
The first step in the project is to identify a physical health problem in which there are known health disparities. You can do this in several different ways. First, review the lessons in Module 5. Each lesson provides information on health disparities in the three most common health problems for adults. You can also google this topic. Health disparities are a current concern. You will be able to find a lot of information on this topic.
After you have decided on your health problem, do some research regarding your problem. You may use your textbook, scholarly websites (no Wikipedia), scholarly journals, or other such reputable sources. You must use at least two different sources. Do not forget to cite these references in your in-text citations and reference list using APA format. Information taken from these sources should be written in your own words (paraphrased). Avoid using direct quotes; copying the information word-for-word.
Based on your research, write an ESSAY (including an introduction and conclusion) in which you answer the following questions:

Introduction: Identify and define your health problem.

What are the symptoms of the health problem?

How common is the problem? Discuss this in terms of prevalence and incidence.

Provide data to support the existence of a health disparity in this health problem. You may
discuss age, gender, or racial disparities. Identify the presence in health disparities in at least two of the following areas: prevalence, treatment, outcomes (severity of symptoms or mortality).

What are the causes of the health problem?

Why is this health problem a particular concern? Here are some things to consider:

Are people likely to die from this problem?

Does it reduce quality of life? If so, how?

Does it reduce a persons ability to do things he/she once did?

Does it make the person feel bad/influence mental well-being? If so, how?

Is the treatment protocol difficult (chemotherapy; expensive medications, time

Why did you choose this problem? (Think about these things: Did it effect you or someone
you know? Is it interesting? Why? Is it a hot topic? Does is influence society at-large?) Avoid using first person language to answer this question. You can say something like, This problem was chosen because….

Conclusion: Provide a summary description of your health problem. Be sure to include information about health disparities with respect to this problem since this is the goal of the project.

*Keep in mind that questions 1  5 must be answered by referring to information in a source AND these source should be cited in your essay using APA format.