Here are my thoughts and questions and points I want to address. 

1.  Interested in providing healthcare to underserved communities? Great! Touro has 3 mobile health clinics that provide healthcare to the underserved. (provide info on their mobile health clinics) .This type of exposure would help me establish an understanding of these communities so I can better serve them as a provider

2. Want to practice medicine in Nevada after graduation? Yes, I have family there and my fianc and I plan to move there to be close to them and start a family. Family is important! Learning medicine in the state that you intend to serve would be very beneficial for you, and being a student at Touro University Nevada would significantly increase the likelihood of you practicing medicine here. (Side note: Touro LOVES students that want to practice in NV after graduation)
3. Do you love the idea of working as a part of the healthcare team? (The answer to this question should be yes, because thats what PAs do). Being a student at Touro gives you a glimpse into what a complete healthcare team would look like because Touro University has PA, DO, OT, PT, and nursing programs. These students become your friends and you learn a lot about the different professions and how to work collectively.