healthy hype energy drink

adding 3 slidescan you add background detail on the product we are providing. Talk about the energy drink and how its a good fit for the WNBA.28870119 minutes agoCompany Name: Healthy HypeFounding Date: 2012Founding Narrative: (Why was the company created, what problem in the world was it addressing) : It is well known that generic Energy Drinks (Redbull, Monster, etc) are not good for your body, with its unhealthy amounts of sugars and additives that can lead to various diseases. At Healthy Hype we value our customers’ health and provide a drink unlike others, which energizes and does not negatively affect the body with the use of natural ingredients.Company Tagline: Get the Hype that’s rightFlagship Product (What really brings in the cash) Energy Drink ElevateOther products: Protein Shakes, SmoothiesAny failed Products: Elevate brand energy bars, etcBusiness location: Seattle, WANumber of employees: 500-700 aprox.Gross Yearly Revenue: 1.3 million