Hero Cycle Writing Assignment /AN

You will write a 300 word essay (2 paragraphs of 6-8 sentences each) by choosing ONE myth from your Module 3 reading. You will choose 1 phase (departure, initiation, return) and 2 subcategories from your chosen phase in your discussion. Directions for this writing assignment: 1) Choose ONE Hero Myth from Module 5 (Gilgamesh, Herakles, Jason, Rama, Buddha, Beowulf) and read it carefully. Take notes about specific details that you may want to include in your writing assignment. Use these guiding questions: What is important about the myth? Which part of the hero cycle spoke most to you? 2) Choose ONE of the following phases from your choice of Hero Myth: -DEPARTURE -INITIATION -RETURN Be sure that you review all of the sub categories for each phase (page 222). You will need to write about at least TWO subcategories of the phase you chose. You will need to discuss specifically how your Hero works through his phase of the hero cycle, including discussion about 2 of the subcategories. 3) You are writing TWO full paragraphs about your chosen Myth and phase (departure, initiation, or return) of your Hero Cycle. So for example, if I am writing about Herakles and I have chosen the DEPARTURE cycle, I may choose to write about (paragraph one) his call to adventure, supernatural aid, (and paragraph 2)crossing the threshold and the belly of the whale characteristics of Herkales` myth. (these are some of the subcategories of the DEPARTURE phase as outlined on page 222). In each of my paragraphs, I will use a clear topic sentence for each and I will use proper capitalization, spelling, grammar in both paragraphs. Each paragraph will contain 6-8 well-written sentences that explain how my chosen myth (based upon the textbook`s version) represents those characteristics (subcategories) of my Myth/Phase of the Hero Cycle. So DO NOT SUMMARIZE the myth. Instead, apply the theory of Campbell`s Hero Cycle to the myth in your paragraphs as you analyze the myth. Do you think Campbell`s “hero cycle” is accurate for your myth? Why or why not?