Hinduism, Politics, and the Hypocrisy of Beef Farming Practices in India

So the time has come, It is my last Research paper for the coursework, As we`ve been working on all the previous assignments this is the most important one. The outline which you helped me with 2 days ago got approved by my professor however he has told me to do some changes on The they say part which is How I connect my topic to Foer`s argument since the whole point is to add to Foer`s conversation, In the outline, you did take one quote which connected directly to my topic but it needs more than that, That`s why I have found out some page numbers where foer talks about beef Farming in India and also about the culture difference in hindu and Muslim, The page numbers are 15,50,54,60,72,78,81,90,93,126,131,137,141,157,170,172. I`m uploading the prompt, The annotated bibliography, the outline, and also giving you a link to the video where my professor is explaining the whole assignment, please take your time watching that video it is only 15 min long. Also in the outline, you talked about different perspectives,, which is also a key where you talked about Muslims and how people get killed when they try to talk about it, we have to give some background info on that as well before we put all of this factual information into the paper. Here is the link to the video. https://youtu.be/AoXiuM3gkxU I know that the research paper has to be 15 pages but I only want a 10 page since if it will be needed, we`ll have time to make some changes.