HIS100 Perspectives in History Impact of History on Life

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HST 110 : History of Western Civilization II
Task:Pericles argues that the Athenian constitution is a “model to others” and describes a government in which “power is in the hands not of a minority but of the whole people” where what counts is “the actual ability which the man possesses,” and where one “is [not]kept in political …
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AHIX1200 Myth in the Ancient World
Task:Essay TopicMake sure you have listened to the lectures relevant to the topic and have read the ancient evidence for that topic.Your essay must be based on both the ancient evidence and modern scholarship. In addition to the textbook, readings relevant to the topic have been chosen for you …
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ARTH 1106 Modern Art Description
Task:Read the articles and watch the videos and answer the following 4 questions below. I also need a reference page as well. 1. Cite one striking similarity in the way Robert Motherwell in Elegy to the Spanish Republic and Pablo Picasso in Guernica depict the effects of war.https://www.museoreina …
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AHIS 1214 Art History 1214
Objective:The objective of this assignment is to write four critical responses to the content covered in eachmodule, your readings/viewings, and learning objectives. Upon successful completion of theseassignments, you will be able to:• Identify key works of art and visual culture from the …
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HIS 144: Development of the American Economy
Task:1.Explain Henry Clay’s American System. How did this promote a spirit of nationalism in America?2.Discuss America’s transportation revolution in the first half of the 1800s. What role did government play in the development of roads, canals, railroads, and steamboats? 3.Identify …
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