answer these 4 questions in detail

The 1920s saw significant changes for women and African Americans in the United States. In your opinion, which of these two groups saw the most significant change? Support your answer by describing what changes happened, how those changes and why the changes happened. Make sure to use specific facts and analysis to support your answer.

During the 1920s women and African Americans experienced significant changes. Choose one group and discuss the changes that occurred. What changes happened, and why did those changes happen? What specifically brought the changes on, and why would the changes not have been possible before this time? Of all the changes what, in your opinion, was the most significant single change to happen, and WHY?

Discuss Fascism. What is fascism? When and where did fascism develop? Why did fascism develop? Include discussion of one example of a fascist government in your response.

We are reading 

A History of World Societies, Concise Edition, Volume 2
by Merry E. Wiesner-Hanks; Patricia Buckley Ebrey; Roger B. Beck; Jerry Davila; Clare Haru Crowston; John P. McKay

Compare and contrast the governmental response to the Great Depression of two of the examples that we discussed in class. Include a description of what the government responses were, what the problems were with the responses, and which one, in your opinion was the most important.