history essay

Read “Belief and Culture – The Wendat Experience” in John Belshaw, Canadian History: Pre-Confederation,  Section 5.6, pp. 139-143, Part Two, “The Mission to the Hurons in S.R. Mealing, The Jesuit Relations and Allied Documents – A Selection, pp. 39-56 – https://www-deslibris-ca.ezproxy.kpu.ca:2443/ID/407438  and the two documents found in the module “Colonialism and Christianity” – Open History Seminar: Canadian History – https://openhistoryseminar.com/canadianhistory/chapter/introduction-11/
In an essay of three to four pages of text (typed and double-spaced, font size 12), answer the following question:
Based on these readings, how effective were the Catholic missions to the First Nations peoples?
Document your essay in the Chicago Style with footnotes or endnotes and a bibliography. (see examples on documentation posted at our course website)