history of 20th century dance

Part 1: A Tale of Two Companies: Research the two major ballet companies that emerged and matured from this time. Using a graphic organizer (such as a flow chart) or through creating a media presentation of your choosing, depict a sequence of events, actions, and decisions that influenced each company. Include pictures of important ballets and choreographers. After each company has been researched, create a Venn diagram to compare and contrast the following: 
Artistic direction 
Company structure 
Types of works 

Part 2: Modern Dance

Option 1: Choose to research either Jose Limon, Lestor Horton, or Katherine Dunham. Create a chronology of the choreographers works, showing important events, works, and contributions. The chronology can be captured as a media presentation (infographic, PowerPoint presentation, or another format). Using the chronology, the develop a Venn or media diagram that explains the following: 
Themes in their work 
How they worked with their dancers and companies 
Contributions to American modern dance 

Please put this all into a powerpoint of a few slides. Doesn’t have to be anthing special just meet the minimum requirements