Formal Essay (100 points)

Compose a thesis-driven 4-5 page formal essay in response to the essay topic. This essay should be at least four full pages in length (typed, double spaced with 1inch margins), written and organized according to academic paper standards (thesis, topic sentences, formal tone, grammar and spell-checked), and draw on ample course material from Unit 1.
It is important to avoid re-telling the history covered in Unit 2 in great detail and narrative form. Instead, focus on making arguments and supporting these arguments with evidence (examples) taken from the course material.
Academic Paper-Writing Tips

Begin by creating a thesis. A thesis is an argument in response to the essay question or topic. It is permissible to create a thesis by simply rephrasing and transforming the essay question into a statement.
Come up with a series of more precise arguments or points that support your thesis. This is where you decide what topics, patterns, truths (etc.) you would like to selectively incorporate into your paper, thus avoiding the need to address the entire scope of history covered in the unit. These more precise arguments make good topic sentences (first sentence of each paragraph).
Once you have identified a series of precise arguments/points to be made, which support your thesis, selectively draw from the course material evidence (examples). These examples should support the arguments/points you would like to make and utilize precise names, events, phenomena, etc (try not to generalize).
You do not need to write about each example in great detail. Focus on summary and significance. Beyond one or two examples for each point being made, it is permissible and encouraged to simply reference other examples (name-drop).
A constructive pattern to follow is, to begin with, a paragraph that provides your thesis and supporting arguments. Then, make each supporting argument or point into a topic sentence to begin a paragraph. Finally, fill the paragraph with evidence or examples that support the argument or point made in the topic sentence.

100 Points
Essay Question: Identity, compare, and discuss the two general factions that comprised the rebel/patriot side of the American Revolution (the Liberals and the Radicals) and which vision became incorporated into the US Constitution. You should be able to identify and discuss who the liberals and radicals were (what kind of people), what each believed, how each understood the concept of liberty, and what each sought to achieve during the Revolution and Early Republic periods, which faction seems to have seized control and dictated the framework for US governance and law (the US Constitution).