HMNT 3001C: Modern Popular Culture.-Assignment: Final Project Milestone 1: Final Project Worksheet

I love pop culture. I love to be inside of it, and step outside and look back in.Nick Rhodes, member of the band Duran Duran

In Weeks 14 of this course, you will work on assignments that contribute to your Final Project, which is due in Week 5. As in the quote from Nick Rhodes above, you will be inside of pop culture, step outside of it, and then look back in as you closely analyze a single issue across multiple pop culture artifacts.
To prepare:

Download and complete the Final Project Worksheet document from this weeks Learning Resources.
Review the Final Project Summary document in this Weeks Learning Resources.

InWeek 5 you submit your Final Project; a 1,500-2,000-wordessay. In Weeks 1 through 4 of the course, you work on Milestonesthat serve as building blocks for this project.

Thisworksheet is the Week 1 Milestone Assignment due by Day 7.Information gathered here will serve as a very rough draft foryour introduction. Additionally, you will have started yourresearch by gathering 3 credible sources and 2 quotes for later use.

Respondby typing directly into the boxes provided below. Please keep thisworksheet as you will refer to it throughout the term.

Choose one of the following social issues:




Socialand economic class



My chosen issue is:

Explain in 100-150 words why you are interested in this issue.This will serve as the rough draft to your final projectintroduction. Include one reference to an academicallyrelevant source, either from our classroom, the WaldenLibrary, or Google Scholar, that speaks to your interest in theissue. To correctly format the source, review APA guidelines at

Source information:

Select two of the following categories:

Episodicmoving image (TV showsmay be broadcast or streamed)






Animation(general animation/cartoons such as Disney or Warner Brothers,or genre-specific animation such as Japanese anime)


Printedmaterial (books, magazines, manga, comic books, or graphicnovels)


My chosen categories are:



Using the resources available in the classroom, the WaldenLibrary, or Google Scholar, identify at least two quotesfrom credible sources that speak to your chosen issue AND oneof the modern popular culture categories chosen above. Eachquote should be ABOUT the category and the issue. These quoteswill be the start of your research for your final project.Include full bibliographic details for your sources. To correctlyformat the source, review APA guidelines at

Quote 1 about my issue and my first category:
Select this textand type over it.

Source information:

Quote 2 about myissue and my second category:
Select this textand type over it.

Source information: