Home Network Security Project

****Additional Instructions attached***This Chapter discusses the Nessus vulnerability scanner.  Most of our home networks have multiple devices connected to them.  For this weeks Web Project you will be conducting a vulnerability analysis of your home system or network.  (If you only have one PC or Mac connected to the internet that is fine.)  Using your favorite search engine, search for Nessus Home.
Register for an Activation Code, install the version needed for you OS, use the activation code sent to your email, and ensure the updates were applied during installation.  Run a vulnerability scan of your local host or home network. 
Provide a screen shot with the results as an attachment.  Also, review the results and identify any vulnerabilities on your system or network.  Write a summary of these vulnerabilities and the remediation steps to fix these vulnerabilities.  References and citations should be included for internal and external resources.  Standard use of APA format is required with website URL included.