Grading Criteria for Papers:

– Highlights all key concepts in each section with use of recent and
appropriate research. Addresses each aspect of the question thoroughly.
Provides examples of best practices of case management with the
vulnerable population.

References – Uses at least five outside sources (other than textbook) that are relevant and include recent materials.

Format – Sources are cited properly and a reference page that follows
APA format. Good APA format for title page, running head, abstract,
references. All statements of fact cited.

Style – Paper written in an academic style with appropriate grammatical
style. Appropriate word choice, no fragments, use of active voice, good
clarity. The paper is well organized and used appropriate headings.
Includes a well thought out introduction and conclusion. The paper
paraphrased well and either did not use direct quotes or used very

NOTE: Papers that are plagiarized will receive a 0 for the assignment and an F for the course.