Homework #4

!!!For this weeks homework, I want you to go outside of your book and search the internet, or another textbook, to find a step-by-step ethical decision making process, or ethical decision making model, that would help you when making an ethical decision. It can be a list or a diagram…Describe the steps your model gives for making ethical decisions. (Step #1 do this? Step #2 do that?) etc. Please quote your source.
If for some reason you cannot find a model, or process. Then based on what you have learned thus far in this class, create your own step by step process for making ethical decisions.  

!!!Please briefly answer the following questions:
Q1-What is Moral Philosophy and what are the 3 concepts associated with it (Chapter 5)?
Q2-What are the 7 philosophies used in Business Decisions (Chapter 5)?
Q3-What are the individual factors and organizational factors for ethical decision making? Which do you think is most important and why (Chapter 6)?
Q4-What is the difference between the Descriptive and Normative approach to ethics (Chapter 6)? 
Was there anything new or interesting that you learned through your chapter readings in chapters 5 & 6?