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see atatched , assigment   chapter 5 and 6

GroupDiscussion: Week 5- Module 5 – Chapters 5 & 6 –  Cognitive Changes With Aging
Discussion Question: BothAlzheimer’s Disease and Dementia have been called “the long goodbye”because of the tendency of both conditions to impact an individuals shortand/or long term memory. A cherished spouse or family member at times will notremember who their caretaker (husband, wife, brother, grandson) is and mayreact angrily when they identify themselves as such. The patient might alsoaccuse the caregiver of stealing (jewelry, food, money) that they themselveshave misplaced. This week’s DiscussionQuestion, then, is how would you best respond to a cherished loved one who nolonger remembers you? Should you try to prove who you are? Show pictures orvideos of days gone by? Write information down to serve as a daily reminder? Toanswer this question I will allow opinions as well as informed opinions. Thereis much information online featuring advice for Alzheimer and Dementia patientsand caretakers. You may also have a friend or family member that is in theprocess of caring for someone either at the present time or in the past. Infuture chapters, we’ll be talking about the Resilience of Older Women. This isdefinitely a situation where lots of resilience and patience is called for.