Homework assignment

Discussion Question: – Many elders today are relying on immediate and extended family members to provide the care that they need as they age. We’ve already discussed ADL’s and IADL’s – measures of independence and also warning signs that either part or full-time care and supervision are needed. With the changes that American families are undergoing at the present time: the increasing acceptance of divorce, large numbers of single parents, more grandparents caring for children, etc., caregiving arrangements will most likely change (or need to change).  The question at hand this week is: will changes in the American family impact informal caregiving of the elderly in positive or negative ways? Will we find new ways to care for one another, or leave it up to Nursing Homes, Retirement Communities or Assisted Living Centers (all of which are beyond the financial reach of much of the population). When is comes to YOUR future as an elderly American, are you an optimist or a pessimist?

What type of caregiving will you plan for?