Hookes Law : Simple harmonic motion

1.  A PHY12 laboratory reports must include a typed cover page that includes the information shown below at the bottom of this page.  The cover page is the first page of your laboratory report. Enter the names of your laboratory partners at the bottom of the cover sheet as shown below.
 2.  Definitions, questions and their answers must be typed. Do not submit handwritten answers. Type the question in Bold and then type the answer in ordinary font. Most questions could be answered with just a few sentences. 
 3.  Do not copy text from the Internet or from other students. 
 4.  Graphs of data may be manually drawn on graph paper or by using Excel software.  Axes should be labeled (including units) and the graph should include a brief descriptive title. All experimental data points should appear on the graph.   
 5.  e-mail a scanned copy of the entire laboratory report as a pdf or Word file