How does the work of your artist help demonstrate the concept of humanism?

You will address the questions below.
You should have a minimum of 1.5 pages when you are done. This means to provide meaningful answers, not just quick responses.
Please provide the numbered question with your answer beneath the corresponding question.
Please submit your questions. Your web address link should be placed on the top of your questions page and uploaded here.
Please make sure you provide sound examples and cite your sources (for Part 02) using footnotes and Chicago Style; only unit material can be used to address the questions below
1. Begin by providing a brief overview of the historical period, using the unit material as a guide, and the sources you found for this information. This overview should be a minimum of 4 paragraphs. Then go on to address the questions below.
2. Who was your artist? Provide a biography of their background, family,
3. Did his immediate surroundings affect his art?
4. How does his art style reveal the historical context in which he lived?
5. What kind of art medium did your artist work in? (Paintings, architecture, sculpture, music, etc. or a combination of these?)
6. Did your artist go to school to learn his craft? If so, where? If not, did he learn on his own?
7. Define and explain the role of patrons during this period. Who were your artist patrons (those who bought or commissioned his art)?
8. How does the work of your artist help demonstrate the concept of humanism?
9. Was your artist connected to the Church in any way?
10. What are your artist’s most famous pieces? Why are these pieces of art considered so significant?
11. Define Humanism in the context of the Renaissance period and explain how your artist reveals these ideas in his work. Provide examples
12. Explain how your artist fit into Europe’s “rebirth”? What was his contribution to the Renaissance? Provide examples from his work, be very specific.