How global warming effects the arctic

Week 2 Library Assignment : Global Warming
The Week 2 library assignment is to find 3 other references related to global warming, in addition to National Geographic and the Global Change Research Information Office websites that you used last week. You may write about any topic related to global warming. For example, effects of global warming on weather patterns around the world, or effects of global warming on birds or plants.
Step 1: Use the online library to search for references. Under “Library/QEP/Student Resources” tab click on “Writing and Learning” , and then “Online Library” for information on how to use this resource.
Step 2: Write a detailed summary in your own words based on your readings above. The summary should be in APA style format, single-spaced, and at least 1 and 1/2 pages in length.
Step 3: Submit this assignment.