How have women taken an active role in addressing social, political, and economic issues in the U.S.?

Criteria for essay:Must be typed double-spaced, using 12- point black Times New Roman, and printed on white 8.5 x11-inch paper with 1-inch margins on all sides.Length of 750-1250 words per essay. Each word or number in the text of the paper counts as oneword. This includes student-composed text as well as quotes from primary or secondary sources.Citations are used to credit the sources of specific ideas as well as direct quotations. Style of citationshould be consistent with principles set by the APA Chicago Manual of Style or the MLA Handbook.Essavs present a clear argument that relates to the prompt and is backed by historically accurateevidence.Includes of a process paper between 300-500 words. It should be typed in black 12-point TimesNew Roman double-spaced, and include a title page. In place of a paper, students can create an approximately fiveminute verbal explanation in video form. Possible formats for this video can include cell phone footage, a Flipgridresponse, a Padlet video response, and video upload to Google classroom. The process paper should address thetollowing:(1) how the student chose their topic;(2) how the student conducted their research;(3) why they selected the project and how they created it;Essays make clear connections between the history of the topic and why it matters in the present dayIncludes a title-page and an annotated bibliography. Style of the bibliography should be consistentwith principles set by the APA Chicago Manual of Style or the MLA Handbook.