How Junk Food Can End Obesity

Please underline your thesis.  This will help you (and me) determine the focus of your argument.

You must have at least three (3) sources in your paper, two (2) of which will come from the assigned readings.  One (1) source will come from outside the class readings.  Choose this source carefully.  All sources must be cited correctly, including parenthetical citations and a Works Cited page.

This prompt has two elements: assessing the seriousness of the problem and determining a course of action.  Make sure that you address both elements.

The phrase to what extent requires that you determine the degree of influence.  This is not a yes or no question.  You might argue that the negative impact is minimal, that it is extensive, or that it is somewhere in between.

When you discuss what, if anything, should be done, be sure to discuss what specific actions you suggest and what you hope your actions will accomplish.