How should parents address internet pornography?

1101 Synthesis Essay Your synthesis essay is a means of your introducing the argument you will make in your multiple-source essay. For this paper you will find two sources about your topic. Write a synthesis essay of at least 500 words using a primary source (an article from the library’s databases) as well as a secondary source you will find from the internet. Regardless of how you focus your topic, remember that you must have a narrow, topic that you are supporting with credible research in your essay. The purpose of your essay is to demonstrate good reasoning and synthesis skills. You must combine the ideas in both articles into one coherent argument using both sources effectively. You are being asked to extrapolate the main ideas and supporting details from each article to use to further your own position on the topic. You must use an effective thesis that combines the topic with your position. Please pull at least two direct quotes and two paraphrases from each article to effectively argue your position on the topic and take a stand. This paper will necessitate effective use of transition words and phrases as well as proper MLA format for in text citations as well as a Works Cited page. Specific Synthesis Paper Guidelines • 500-750 final word count (not including Works Cited page or separated quotes) • 2 sources: o 1 primary source (from the library’s databases) o 1 secondary source found on the internet. Must have an author, relevant date of publication, and reasonable length. ▪ Wikipedia is NOT an acceptable source! • 4 in-text citations (a blend of two paraphrases and two quotations), cited correctly according to MLA guidelines • All cited sources photocopied and highlighted and turned in to me. **Note that your essay cannot receive a passing grade without having met the above minimum requirements! Additional Requirements: 1. Essay must contain a proper introduction that includes a thesis statement. 2. Sources will be entered on the Works Cited page (in alphabetical order) and cited according to what kind of sources they are. 3. Again, you must submit sources in the appropriate drop box. These are submitted by the date on the syllabus. 4. Only third person is acceptable for this essay. Do NOT use first person, second person, or contractions. Your Name Professor ENC 1101C-51545 1 July 2020 Your Title Begin your essay here. Make certain that with the beginning of each paragraph, the line is indented exactly as the first line of this paragraph is indented (do not add any extra spaces there). If you are using this as a template, when you press Enter, the first line of each paragraph should indent automatically. Works Cited Lacy, Ian. “Anthrax Vaccine Recommendations Updated in the Event of a Wide-Area Release.” Chest Physician, Frontline Medical Communications, 2019, Accessed 20 June 2020. Woodward, Cal. “Vaccinating Children against Anthrax.” Canadian Medical Association Journal, vol. 184, no. 11, 7 Aug. 2012, pp. E577-E578. Academic Search Complete, dio:10.1503/cmaj.109-423. *make certain to replace the information about the articles with the information from the article you chose A perfect topic for a synthesis paper is one that encourages you to take a stance on a debatable issue. For example, a lot of good topics for synthesis papers are concentrated around various social issues. 1. Does technology make people more alone? 2. Are students cheating to survive or to thrive? 3. Should schools allow students to grade their teachers? 4. Is our privacy more important than national security? 5. Do violent video games lead to real life violence? 6. Are students distracted by technology? 7. Can money buy us happiness? 8. What current writers will stand the test of time? 9. Are students taught skills they will need to succeed in life? 10. What measures should be taken to stop cyberbullying? 11. Is talent more important than hard work? 12. Is college education necessary? 13. Can standardized test measure people’s abilities properly? 14. Is dating a thing of the past because of modern technologies? 15. Can graffiti be considered art? 16. Should people be allowed to be anonymous online? 17. Should higher education be free? 18. Do leaders have moral obligations? 19. Is it ethical to eat meat? 20. Should parents limit the time that children spend on tech devices? 21. Is arts education important? 22. Have curse words lost their shock value because of being so common? 23. When do young people become adults? 24. Does reality TV promote dangerous stereotypes? 25. Should companies gather information about us? 26. Does life exist somewhere besides Earth? 27. Should circuses be animal-free? 28. Does punctuation in text messages matter? 29. Should voting be mandatory? 30. Should farm animal have more legal protection? 31. How should parents address internet pornography? 32. Are school dress codes a good idea? 33. Do our neighborhoods define who we are? 34. Should the USA stop using the death penalty? 35. Is TV too white? 36. Do laws that ban offensive words make our world a better place? 37. Is smoking a problem among teenagers? 38. Should all police officers wear body cameras? 39. Does class size matter? 40. When is the use of military force justified? 41. Does classroom technology get in the way of learning? 42. Whose fault it is if a child is failing at school/ 43. Do high school students study best when they direct their own education? 44. Should tablet computers be the primary tools for teaching students in class? 45. Should schools be allowed to use corporal punishment? 46. How young is too young to date? 47. Has Facebook lost its edge? 48. Is a traditional school education better than a home schooling? 49. How should we prevent future mass shootings? 50. Should couples live together before marriage?