How the Catholic Church influenced the everyday lives in the novel Maria Chapdelaine

This is the rubric for it below the one I selected was the influence of the catholic church on everyday life in the novel maria chapdelaine 

Choose a theme from Maria Chapdelaine.  Themes are optional but may include;  a feminist view of womens culture during the time of the novel, the influence of the catholic church on everyday life, the hardships that people had to overcome during this time as compared to a modern perspective, hardships imposed by the climate in northern Canada, and many more. 
B)     Complete a thesis statement in which you make a point.  State an opinion.  Back up your opinion with quotes or paraphrasing from Maria Chapdelaine.
C)     Complete an introductory paragraph in which your thesis statement is located.  Then write the body of your essay proving your thesis statement from the novel.  Then, write a conclusion condensing the thesis statement and body of the paper into one paragraph.