How you conduct your survey is up to you. However, you must specify your methodology as well as explain how your protocol(s) may have impacted your results.

Using knowledge and skills from psych 301 and 302, organize the results of your survey on the 10 most influential psychologists in a chart or graph and post to the Discussion board. Make sure you include a detailed descriiption of your methodology including how you recruited your participants and a list of the questions that were asked. Organize results for majors vs non-majors. Indicate the gender and age of your participants as well as whether they are college students. (If college students, indicate majors.) Discuss results and implications of the study demographics. For example, were there differences in the frequency with which women psychologists were named: By males vs females; majors vs non-majors; etc.? What is your interpretation of the results? (Make sure you provide a sufficient number of graphs/charts to convey your results.)