HSC 400 Final Paper

* MUST use the template attatched, or the paper will receive a Zero!!  * Must write in 3rd person, not 1st.
For the organization where you work or the specific department or functional area you are familiar with, develop a written report – using the attached Written Assignment Template – to include each of the following:

Describe the overall organization and the unit you will be discussing.
Create two organizational charts a master chart for the overall organization and a chart for the specific department or function. See examples provided in the course textbook for guidance. Included these charts in the appendix of your paper.
Develop a job description for a health care professional. Utilize the examples from the course textbook, but be sure to use an occupation other than that represented by the samples.
Develop an annual plan and a 5-year strategic plan for the unit.
Develop a recruiting plan for the organizational unit utilizing the information in the course textbook. Provide a chart that reports on employee turnover by quarter and by year for the last three years.
Provide information on the current budget for the unit including revenue and income and direct and indirect expenses. You have just been informed that you will be required to reduce the budget by 10% and you are already half way through the fiscal year. Where will you reduce cost?
Identify committees that you might expect to see in the unit and provide a one or two sentence description of the committee function, approximate number of people on the committee and any primary expertise that might be needed.
Outline an orientation program for new employees and identify areas for employee education and skills training (One year education plan).
Using a leadership inventory, identify your style of leadership and discuss how this will influence the unit.
Describe in detail how you would get your group off dead-center to discuss a problem that has arisen in the unit.
To develop the paper you will need to perform some research into health care organizations and the different aspects of management and leadership styles.

Your paper must be at least two (10) pages in length (excluding the title page, References page and any appendices) and include a minimum of three (5) peer-reviewed, scholarly references (and no … Wikipedia is not a credible source).
Remember to cite/reference all outside works in proper APA style (7th edition).