Human Disease Project

Review these general directions before beginning: (Attachment – Project Directions and Rubric)

Assignment:  Click the links to watch the videos below and write a 1.5-2 page essay on your thoughts on how the videos and the textbook chapters are connected.  Be thoughtful and use critical thinking skills. Follow the directions.  You can use the questions below as a guide.  

Describe the videos as if I have never seen them.

What is the topic discussed?

List at least two ways is it relevant to a course on human diseases?

Provide the title of the video and the name of the speaker with their credentials.

Relatability and relevance.

Describe two concepts or facts you found interesting?  In what way are they of interest?  Give your thoughts on them, especially related to other materials in the course or other courses you have taken.

List at least two questions you still have after watching the video that you would like to know more about (i.e., you wish the speaker could have provided).

How does this information relate to the issue of global disease burden? 

Are the diseases described in the video(s) communicable or non-communicable?

Explain in 3-5 sentences how you could use the information from the video in your public health practice, professional and/or personal life.  Critically think about the presented information and how it can be applied.

Videos to watch and use –