Hydration and sports performance-2

Write an article critique (approximately 2 pages each) using original research articles (not review articles) within the last 15 years that evaluate hydration and sports performance not including any of the articles from your reading. You may use articles cited within your Discussion. The critique must include the following: introduction, purpose, participant description, procedures/methods, results, discussion, and your personal reflections. The use of personal pronouns is only permitted in the reflections section. Use headings for sections. The paper should be in APA format, 12 point, Times New Roman, and double-spaced. *Refer to the abstract critique template & guiding questions on blackboard.
You can use SportDiscus to find a peer-reviewed, original, research article. You need to find an article that reports on one study. You need to summarize the study in your own words (this is the research abstract) and then you need to critique the study. You CANNOT use any articles from this week’s readings.  I will upload the readings from the week so you will know which articles we read already. Please follow the “Article Critique Template” tht is uploaded as well.
1.The research abstract is an overall summary of the study that is written in your own words and is one paragraph. The abstract should include the following subheadings: Introduction (provides a brief intro of the topic in terms of what previous research has found and what gaps still exist), Purpose, Participants, Methods, Results, Discussion, and Conclusion.  
2. The critique/personal reflection part of your paper needs to be your thoughts/opinions on the entire study. You should critique each section of the article. The “Article Critique Template” provides some guiding questions you can consider when you are writing your critique.