For this assignment you should create a two-variable hypothesis. You must identify the following things:
Topic: This should be the general topic area of the research.
Population: What population will you draw from? In other words, what will your units of analysis be?
Sampling Size and Strategy: How many units of analysis will you obtain? Briefly describe how you will obtain your sample and name this sampling strategy using terms from the textbook. Briefly explain why this is the best sampling strategy to use in this case.
Hypothesis: State your hypothesis in formal language as discussed in lecture.
Independent Variable: Name your independent variable.
Dependent Variable: Name your dependent variable.
Theory: You do not have to have a formal theory, but here you should briefly explain why you expect to find support for your hypothesis. In other words, what’s at work here? Why is there a relationship between your two variables?
Bonus resource on independent versus dependent variables: https://www.scribbr.com/methodology/independent-and-dependent-variables/