Icebreaker & Activity Design Assignment

Therapeutic Activities: Icebreaker & Activity Design Assignment 

Use the template to complete your Icebreaker and Activity Design.

Complete the template by writing in complete sentences, except when you aremaking a list. For example, you can use point form when listing theprocedure/materials required for your icebreaker.

Marks will be deducted for spelling, grammar, flow.

Please be thorough in your responses and rationale.

If you are using information that you find on the internet or any other resource,you must provide the link to the source. Failure to do so is considered academic misconduct and may result in a grade of 0.

What are icebreakers?

Icebreakers are used to facilitate introductions, energize members, increase motivation, build group cohesion and introduce topics while creating a safe and comfortable environment for the group or individual

Therapeutically, icebreakers assist the CYC-P to create a therapeutic milieu, establish rapport and build trust with children and youth they work with

What is an Activity?

An activity is developed by the CYC-P after assessing the needs of the young people they are working with

A therapeutic activity is more extensive than an icebreaker, as it is meant to achieve goals beyond facilitating introductions or energizing the group