Identify the data items that need to be abstracted from the existing records and entered into the EHR.

Learning Outcomes:Develop a project plan utilizing project management tools to achieve intended outcomes.
Assignment:A physician affiliated with your medical staff is retiring. She has accumulated records on 2,000 patients and your facility has been asked to absorb those records into your information system. Some of the patients are in your database, others are not. In addition, some of the patients are currently deceased. The records on deceased patients will be added to the database, but will not be abstracted into the system. All records are currently in paper format and filed in boxes in alphabetical order.
you must develop a project plan that will devise a system for indexing all records into the database, abstracting important clinical information into the electronic system, storing the records in boxes and purging any deceased records.
As part of the process, your administrator will provide office space to work on the project, along with two computers, and a storage room to ultimately house the paper records once they have been abstracted.
Part I: You will need to provide the following:
Define the purpose of the project. (more than one sentence)Identify the members of the project team and why you selected them.Identify the scope and target completion date. Make sure it is feasible.Identify the data items that need to be abstracted from the existing records and entered into the EHR. Include a mechanism for identifying that the records are in separate storage.
Part II: you must create the following: Create your information in a google doc or sheet so that you can share it with each other and with me, and you can work on it in real time if need be.
Create a work breakdown structure (WBS).Create a Gantt chart of the process with reasonable start and end times. This can be created in Excel or there are numerous online programs available.Create a flow chart for the steps in completing one chart.What other project management tools would have assisted in completing this project within the time parameters? Explain your choices (more than one to two sentences).Assess the tools used for questions 1-4. Which one was most successful in creating the desired result for this project. Explain (more than one to two sentences).