If the world switches from fossil fuel energy to clean energy, where does this leave the Kurdistan Region of Iraq with its’ economy and fossil fuel dependent energy system?

The paper must be 35 pages. It is in Chicago citation style and needs to have a bibliography. The paper outline is Topic, Abstract, Introduction, Literature review, independent variable, dependent variable, the impact of the independent variable on dependent variable, implications, and last, is the conclusion.
If the world switches from fossil fuel energy to clean energy, where does this leave Iraq with its’ economy and fossil fuel-dependent energy system?
The capstone is going to focus on the comparison of the current energy section in Kurdistan Iraq and the potential of fully going solar in the next few years. what are the driving factors to sustain such a project and what are some factors that restrict or hinder such a goal? Research the current energy sector and how it is functioning.
–       What is the common energy sector?
–       How is it functioning?
–       The pros and cons? 
–       How is it serving the people?
–       Costs of the current one and its dependence on the oil economy. 
–       Solar energy sector
–       Is it even established? 
–       The expenses of solar energy
–       Benefits of solar energy in terms of durability, sustainability, and service for the people.
–       What are some factors that will help stretch this solar energy plan? 
–       Infrastructure and the difficulty to adopt solar energy system fully due to the war on terror, relations with Baghdad, etc. 
–       The climate in Kurdistan and how it does help the adopting of going fully solar 
–       Maybe create a program to convince people to get solar panels and teach them how to use them, especially in rural areas where power extension cords are hard to reach. 
Paper structure
      Follow Chicago author-date 
      Font: New York Times or Times New Roman 12-point
      Margins: one inch on top, bottom, and sides
      Minimum of two citations per paragraph. Do not repeatedly use the same source or author.
      Quotations should be short (2-3 lines of text) and sparring in your paper. They may appear every 4-5 pages at the most.
      Minimum 30-source bibliographyformat meticulously according to Chicago author-date
      Paginate paper