Impacts of High Temperature on Vapor Pressure

When temperature increases, View Available Hint(s) O the vapor pressure decreases the saturation vapor pressure decreases the absolute humidity increases the vapor pressure increases the saturation vapor pressure increases Saturation is best defined as: the point when water molecules completely stop evaporating from a water surface. a mixing ratio of at least 100 g/kg. O a vapor pressure greater than 1000 mb. O equal numbers of water molecules evaporating from and condensing into a water surface. Part A Assume that two outons, one colder than the other, have the same relative humidity ( soon). At which location will the water vapor content of the be higher Explain you (percent Mass of dry air: 2 kg Mass of water vapor: 10 g Volume=1m 3 Refer to the diagram of a sample parcel above. What additional information would you need in order to be able to calculate the relative humidity of this parcel?
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