In Things Fall Apart, Okonkwo killed Ikemefuna on the orders of the oracle, provide a critical analysis of his action, drawing from your knowledge of atheistic thinkers, enlightenment/quest for God and liberation theology.

Write a thoughtful, coherent essay on the following prompt, drawing in specific points
from the texts, videos, lectures and our discussions to support your answers. The essay should be 4-page long (2-line spacing.) Your essay will be evaluated on the thoroughness, depth, and clarity of your analysis, quality of your engagement with the assigned materials, and the clarity and organization of your writing. Your goal should be to incorporate and synthesize as much of the relevant material from the texts/videos as possible into a coherent and well-considered response. You should cite specific references and quotations in a footnote and provide a bibliography using the Chicago Manual Style. Avoid letting quotations take the place of your own words and analysis.