In this assignment, you are being asked to research how – Order Paper from Assignment Pros

 In this assignment, you are being asked to research how other researchers have defined and operationalized constructs. 
– You will research three constructs selected from a given list. 
– Conduct scholarly research that has been published within the past five years that measures three constructs selected from the list of constructs provided. Rather than present a traditional paper, organize the document by your selected constructs. 
– Provide a conceptual definition. Feel free to use direct quotes from the research article. Include appropriate APA style format. 
– Then provide an operational definition that includes a measurement for the variable, and explain the level of measurement (nominal, ordinal, interval, and ratio) that is generated.
List of Constructs. Select three constructs from the following list.

Cognitive dissonance
Customer delight
Employee productivity
Job satisfaction
Leadership style
Organizational commitment
Organizational Culture

– Once this is completed, provide a conceptual and operational definition of a construct you might measure for your intended research or quantitative example for this course. Your full assignment response will include four constructs in total.