Independent Commission Agent

Marking Criteria 
1. Ability to outline a relevant news story that is featured (from 2021 -no exceptions) in more than one source (general news topic,trending issue or industry focus provided in lecture/tutorial the weekbefore). More than one source is required here so you reflect ondifferent perspectives across media outlets – i.e. develop the skill ofbeing media savvy. Every story usually has a few angles.

 2. Ability to develop critical insight skills through analysis and not justdescriptions / brief answers. 

3. Ability to answer the specified question below in the ‘DetailedInformation’ based directly on the case study (news story) and yournominated lecture topic. 

4. Evidence of additional research from both academic and businesssources 

5. Succinctness and logical structure. 

6. Reasonable and realistic self-assessment on tutorial question 

7. Familiarity with content and knowledge of subject material

 Detailed information 
There are two distinct tasks related to this assessment. 
Written submission – 15 marksClass discussion: 
Self-assessment – 5 marksSubmit BOTH under Assessment submission – Assessment 2. 

WRITTEN SUBMISSIONYou will be allocated a particular week to prepare an individual response to aquestion linked to a case study that relates to a particular theoreticalconstruct. 

1. You will summarise your news story from 2021 that is relevant toCorporate Identity and Branding using a minimum of two differentsources for the story. We don’t just want a one-sided. There arealways a few different sides to a story which is why it is so difficultto always know the real truth. You must discuss source credibility,That is, the perspective and/or vested interest by the source in theway they report the story. Your tutor will provide the news story theweek before your assessment is due. It is your responsibility to findout the news story if you are absent from class. We are onlyproviding the news story ‘topic’, not the sources to use (1/2 page). 

2. You will then answer the discussion question below that relates to anominated lecture topic. In this way, you are demonstrating depth ofknowledge by showing the relevance of the subject content to ourworld. 

3. In yourresponse, you will demonstrate the knowledge of praxis applying currentnews and issues to the theoretical subject content. 


 Questions to be answered for written submissions:
 First, select and summarise your chosen news story from 2021 (1/2 page). Besure to reference at least two sources, with different news angles or positionson an issue. 
Second answer the relevant question 
Using your news story, discuss the key drivers that shapecorporate reputation and the factors that are used by industry commentatorssuch as Fortune to measure and compare the reputation of corporations.Support using subject readings and at least one further resource.Remember to reference CORRECTLY using Harvard. 

Independent commission against corruption (ICAC) NSW
– The news article is the ICAC conducting their investigation into Gladys Berejiklian
– using this story discusses the key drivers that shape corporate reputation and the factors that are used by the industry commentators such as fortune to measure and compare the reputation of corporations 
– Question addresses how doing your job impacts corporate reputation 


Discussion question response
– Definition theoretical construct– Incorporate theoretical to answer question– Incorporate news story (as you go)– Closure why do we need to know this?